Friday, August 29, 2008

i may need a second fridge

the second fridge is up for debate in my house due to my expanding amount of polaroid and film... i'm practicing my tetris-ing skills on the current kitchen fridge to see if i can make all the film fit in the back without edging out the food :)

my alternate career

my extremely talented amiga-in-crime took this spectacular photo... i'm just the lucky one who got to model for her for a moment :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

i'm your dslr, no wait, i'm your camcorder... no wait, i'm both!

wowzers! live view AND motion recording in a dlsr! and only for $1k?! thus far, live view has only been available on "professional" cameras but nikon may have edged their way back into the canon-rocks-my-world-who-cares-about-any-other-dslr-brand market with this slick puppy. the D90 (which has 15 megapixels, live view and the ability to record video) will clearly reinvigorate nikon's hummnua-hummuna factor.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

stalking the wild polaroid 600

there's something about stalking film/polaroid on craigslist and ebay that makes me feel like i've just come off the hunt. my full bag of film feels so much more valuable and sexy having won it off ebay it or beaten the who-emailed-first-on-craigslist race than had i paid full price at just film or calumet. the prize has never been so sweet.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my images seem blurry

which is not really true, they're acutally quite in focus. they apparently just look fuzzy to me because i've shot enough days in a row now that my retinas are fatigued. i admit though, i did have a mini heart attack when i got home the other day, looked at the images and thought that i somehow mis-focused three jobs in a row. now i just have to convince myself to hold off on editing until my eyes are less tired.

Friday, August 22, 2008

i smell like perfume...

i'm not sure i've ever smelled quite as much perfume as i did tonight. seriously. tonight i was shooting a cologne product job which consisted of 9000 samples, all being sprayed everywhere, at the same time, for two hours. fresh air please?

starting the weekend

it's the start of the weekend for me:
friday: meeting in napa with art director
friday night: pick up gear, shoot for agency in chicago
saturday morning: shoot for a company's website
sunday: process/deliver above files
monday: shoot in berkeley for sf organization, return gear
tuesday: recover

Thursday, August 21, 2008

when it rains... pours. thank goodness.

it's been pretty slow lately but as soon as my friend asked why i wasn't busy i got 7 calls in 3 days! and i mean literally 8hrs after she popped the question the calls started rolling in.

if this is the outcome of being asked why i'm not slammed, then maybe i should pay someone to ask me that question regularly and write it off as marketing. food for thought.

i'm wired

well, not exactly caffeinated-wired per se, but i am IN wired this month (sept). check out the article about the red digital camera... my two images are on p. 133. what a sexy article to be part of; i love when that happens.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

polaroid haiku

you go away from me so
fast, and so precious
now i pay big bucks. ebay.

oh so close!

polaroid introduces a teeny weeny 2x3in printer essentially the size of an iphone. it doesn't use ink, prints wirelessly, and the photos have sticky back like post-it notes. sounds awesome huh? yes, and i'm sure it IS awesome, but because apple doesn't disclose it's print profiles the iphone is not supported. at all. ever. well technically not ever, i mean, if apple decides to release its irongrip on iphone technology and share a little bit, then the pogo will be able to print from the iphone. come on apple, play nice.

sorry world. i'm not quite as cool.

...and upon actually reading accounts of photographers who are trying to do exactly what i was lusting after (find their own images to determine infringement) i have concluded that this WILL be really really cool one day when tineye can search more than a tiny percentage of the images on the web. so far all of my searches have turned up zero results, even for common images that don't belong to me. hopefully this technology catches on and some wealthy corporation decides to throw gobs of money at them and they get big and functional by next week... or next year. that'd be soon enough for me.

hello world. i'm cool.

hello world. my name is tineye. i'm cool. you should check me out.

finally! the tech industry has caught on and we officially have a functional online visual search engine! i'm way too excited about the realistic possibility of figuring out who sees/saves/posts my images and if/when they're being infringed upon.

now only if the u.s. copyright office could snag technology like this.

come hang out with me

i finally got my heiny in gear and started a blog. let's see if i can be sufficiently self-interested to update it regularly. stay tuned.