Sunday, March 29, 2009

my monograph is available!

my monograph accompanying my show at gallery 645 is finally ready! it is available here in a limited edition run of 750 copies. if you purchase it, please email me and i'll send you a signed book-plate immediately.

hanging the show

we hung the show this afternoon and it looks great. i can't wait for everyone to see it on thursday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

a reminder for my show next week

my show at gallery 645 is coming up next thursday at 5pm - i hope everyone can make it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

a moment of self-indulgence

i try not to toot my own horn, however i have to share the loveliest compliment i've received so far about my work:

"i've tried to avoid the sort of gushing praise that irritates me, but i have to say i found the latent insight carried in your work to be absolutely revelatory, and it renews my faith in photography as an art form." - charles king, UK

thanks charles!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

nyc recap

nyc was awesome! here is my by-the-numbers breakdown

5: number of business days
2: number of weekend days
26: number of meetings
36: number of people met with
1: museum visited (moma)
3: friends visited with
23: subway rides (aprox.)
2: cabs taken
1: couch slept on
5: scarves purchased in soho
2: bagels from h&h
1: sushi meal
1: movie watched
4: magnolia cupcakes eaten
2: pinkberries

having my book called into a big ad agency while in town... priceless.

Friday, March 20, 2009

nyc: day 7, friday

ah, my last working day in nyc... i had two meetings scheduled today, 11am and 4pm. unfortunately my 11am was canceled at the last minute, which although disappointing, allowed me to take an excellent and much-needed nap after a long week. my 4pm meeting went very well and i ended up with another meeting at 5pm to drop off my book to a rep. this is great for two reasons: 1. my book will hit another few places in nyc the next 2 weeks (including a magazine and ad agency i couldn't schedule meetings with), thus pseudo-extending my trip, and 2. my carry-on will be a portfolio lighter!

tomorrow is about sleeping in, getting my h&h bagels for the week, and heading home to my own bed. i love nyc and adore visiting/working here however there's no place quite like san francisco.

nyc: day 6, thursday

today was a big day. i had 6 meetings and my book was called into a major ad agency to be considered for a drug campaign.

meetings 1-3 were hearst publications and went very well. i received great feedback from the three magazines and all of the people i met were friendly and nice to chat with. a couple of the meetings may turn up assignment work in the near future. meeting 4 was with a portfolio company who might make my new book. meeting 5 was with a rep company who i've been talking to for over a year. it was nice to finally meet them in person. the rep was very complimentary about my work and has been instrumental in many big career launches; we'll see how the relationship progresses in the future. my last meeting was with the art buyer who called in my book. she was nothing but sweet despite how much stress she was under. in the end, they picked someone else for the project for a number of reasons but i know that based on how much she and her colleagues liked my work, i'll be shooting with them sooner than later.

it was a great day overall and the icing on the cake was pinkberry and magnolia cupcakes for desert.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my PDN 30 page!

it's finally here!

nyc: day 5, wednesday

whew, today was a long one - i was gone from the apartment for almost 14hrs. the day went swimmingly: 6 meetings with 3 reps, 2 ad agencies and 1 magazine.

both tomorrow and friday are up-in-the-air days - i have about 8 tentative meetings thrown in with my 6 confirmed meetings. i'll be up early trying to nail down the last ones before heading off to my 10am at hearst.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

nyc: day 4, tuesday, part 2

today started with a bang - my first meeting was one of my two dream clients and, though it went well, it wasn't the you're-amazing-i'll-hire-you-today reaction which i was completely irrationally hoping for.

meeting two was with a magazine who really liked my work often uses emerging photographers and then meeting three was an ad agency who also liked my work. both positive outcomes.

the best part of my day was meeting number four which was with one of my top-choice reps who really liked my work. they probably won't take me on since they're not expanding the roster right now, but it was awesome to go in and feel like my work was respected and well received. even though i'm generally a hard-working practical person, on this one i'll cross my fingers and hope they wake up tomorrow and think "we just have to have her!" hey, anything could happen!

tomorrow: 6 confirmed meetings plus one or two tentative ones. this week is turning out so well already!

nyc: day 4, tuesday, part 1

it occurred to me this morning how much self control i will need to exhibit this week: h&h bagels is next door to the gym i frequent when i'm in town.

Monday, March 16, 2009

nyc: day 3, monday

it's quite late in nyc so this is a short post. today was really great. i had 7 meetings, all of which were positive; a few of them even verged on exuberantly good! i feel confident and strong going into tomorrow (4 meetings) which is particularly good since i have one of my biggest meetings first thing in the morning. now that i'm in the full swing of the nyc-meeting-thing, i'm excited to hit it hard the rest of the week and make this an amazing 5 days.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

nyc: day 2, sunday

today was simple: slept late, hit the gym, and then saw the gorgeous martin kippenberger and paul graham exhibits at moma.

i loved martin's photo-realism paintings and his series of 10 photos from the mid-1980s. i admittedly don't understand his work very well, but i felt physically blown away from the force and velocity of his creativity. i could tell that this guy didn't sleep much and did nothing but his art at full speed ahead his entire life. pretty inspiring.

i also saw my favorite jasper johns flag painting and a jackson pollock that i absolutely love (i can't find a photo of it!) which i visit every time i'm at moma.

paul's work is simply divine: multiple small distinct series of everyday boring moments turned magical by (in my opinion) a spectacular understanding of the liminal moment and the idea of capturing sheer moments of pause and possibility. i had two favorite series. the first was one of of a sunset scene: it started with 3-4 almost identical sunset photos then followed by 4-6 photos of two local kids playing one-on-one basketball in the street just as the light is being lost for the day. the last photos are very dark and feel so real i could almost smell the summer air. the second series was of a man mowing grass on the edge of a large hillside in what looked like los angeles. in one of the photos, grass clippings are showered in the air and have caught the light like specs of glitter. as i said, completely divine. the installation was also perfect for the work: multiple print sizes ranging from about 8x10 to 20x24 and placed in a somewhat horizontal line across the wall (like reading a story) but vertically staggered in a haphazard pattern. i can't imagine feeling the same way i did about the work without this presentation. if you're anywhere within 100 miles of nyc, go see this exhibit immediately!

the most exciting part for me personally? the fact that i'm meeting with paul's rep this week to show them my work! fingers crossed!

7 meetings tomorrow. i'm planning to rock them all!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

nyc: day 1, saturday

update as of friday afternoon:
21 confirmed meetings!
3-4 tentative meetings
3-4 meetings i'm trying to schedule

last night i worked and packed until almost 3am and then got up at 7am for my 9am flight. needless to say, i was pretty tired and passed out on the plane for 3hrs. the plane wasn't too full so there was an empty seat in the middle of my row (life's little pleasures!) after napping, i worked for 2hrs which was was aided by the awesome per-seat-plugs that virgin america has in their planes: no more dead laptop batteries! overall, the flight was pretty easy.

i grabbed my bags and hopped into a car headed toward manhattan. i'm staying on the upper west side and, though we hit a bit of traffic, i got to my destination by 7pm. my dear friends had pinkberry waiting for me (i've never had it, wow, it's so good!) now i'm headed to bed to try to jet-lag early. i hope i can get on east coast time before monday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

come to my solo show at gallery 645 in sf!

click on the image below to read the full details but here is the quick summary:

where: gallery 645, san francisco
what: something like home
when: opening reception, thursday april 2, 5pm
why: my art! plus there will be music, drinks and a framed/signed print being raffled off!

bring friends. i hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

nyc forecast

update on the nyc forecast: 18 confirmed meetings in 4 days (wow, and friday is still completely free!)

did i mention i won't be sleeping... ever?

on another note:

i'm praying that the weather doesn't kick my butt on this trip but so far it's not looking good. the last 3 times i have visited nyc for work it has been during placid-happy-weather times of the year, and yet each time (without fail) it has freak-rained during my whole trip. this has left me with good (although very cold and wet) memories of nyc. maybe this year will be better? a girl can hope.

if you've ever shown your portfolios around nyc in inclement weather, you know that while it's one thing to sprint in the rain from the car (or in nyc, subway) to work with a purse or laptop, it's quite another to haul portfolios and other photo-related stuff around and try to keep it all miraculously dry while still doing said rain-sprint. way more stuff to carry and have fall out of your arms into puddles while trying to carefully dash from awning to awning. i seem to always end up in the lobbies of big beautiful buildings saying to the security person with pleading/wet eyes, "can you please just wait a minute to call me up, i need to dry off."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

nyc here i come

i'll be in nyc next week (march 15-20) showing my new book.

so far i have meetings scheduled with 5 amazing reps, a great ad agency and a couple of sweet magazines.

please contact me if you have 5 minutes to meet me and see my fresh work!

stay tuned!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

more "new polaroid" blogs

more posts about my iphone project... i love that i keep finding these!

child at art

urban guerilla

final broadcast

i heart fly casual
limited fun
puma rules (italy)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

shoot today in san anselmo

i had a great shoot today with jette who is one of my favorite girls. we hung out in her house and exploited her awesome wallpaper. we also talked about cool shoot ideas for the future (stay tuned). we had a break in the rain for an afternoon of brilliant sun which lit up the whole house.

the only downside of the day was realizing that i dislike the 50mm/1.2L. granted, i've only rented it twice (ever) but i now have no desire to do so again. don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous lens however it just didn't mesh with the spacial relationship i have in my head between a model and her environment. also, there seems to be some minor distortion when you tilt up or down - i expect this from a wider lens, but i thought the 50mm was immune to that problem. i may very well be imagining the distortion but i'll take the 85 or 100mm over this lens in the future.

it's getting late and, though i'm enjoying listening to the loud rain outside, i must hit the hay. considering that i've been working like crazy these last 2 weeks (until 4:30-5am), 3am feels positively early! i'm hoping for 8hrs of sleep tonight instead of 5-6 so i'm sure my blogging will be more coherent tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

check me out!

every day i keep finding more press about my selection for PDN's 30. here are some highlights:

a photo editor - (my favorite! so easy to use/read!)
PDN pulse

in*tandem magazine (one of my clients)
a random flickr post
photo-eye magazine

apa national

simon duhamel picks me as his favorite pdn 30

another great blog post about my work. thanks simon!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

i have been selected as one of PDN's 30!

wow. BIG day in my world. i've been selected as one of PDN's 30 emerging photographers to watch for 2009!!! i am truly humbled and honored to be included.

my issue hasn't arrived yet but i'll put up a photo of my page as soon as i have it in hand.

from pdn's intro:

"But while the task of selecting 30 photographers to represent our choices as the image-makers of the future becomes more daunting each year, the challenge always comes down to the same dilemma: Which photographs make you take notice? Which images force you to pause-to gaze at a page-arresting your eyes for moments on end? For us, these 30 accomplished that feat. They made us stare. They let us wonder. So this year we ask you to take a moment from your hectic schedule to admire the power of these new photographers. Read their stories, admire their resolve, but most of all, take a moment and revel in their images."

i've been following PDN's 30 for more than 5 years, hoping that someday I would make it in, and now it's finally happened! the extra cool bonus? my dear friend chloe aftel made it too! what a totally divine lovely perfect coincidence. wow. there are so many talented people in this issue, i'm in excellent company.

look out world, here i come! (w? the new york times magazine? are you listening?)

i'm in france!

well, i'm being blogged about in france. how cool!

here's the basic translation (yes, i do speak french):

this american photographer, who is a follower of polaroid (see for example, her series called something like home) has explained, in effect, and rediscovered, with the function of the iphone camera, in her home and other peoples' homes, the spontanatity of polaroid. but also she talkes about the limits and constraints (size and chromatic) which create an aesthetic, an image which is particular and unique.

unfortunately i can't tell if my ability to read exact grammar makes that slightly odd wording or if the person who posted used akward sentence structure.

Monday, March 02, 2009

the lovely ashley ording

i had the pleasure of photographing my friend ashley again today. she's one of the few people who i photograph again and again because she's just so fun and so pretty. we had a mellow couple of hours in her apartment playing with her cats and her vintage clothes. ashley is woman with impecible taste and i always leave feeling like if i gleaned even 1% of her style i'd be a winner.

fun fact: today i lived up to my i-must-try-new-lenses resolution because i shot with a 50mm lens for the first time ever (it was an f/1.2L). i've never even looked through a camera with a 50mm and it was really great - sharp and velvety. no wonder everyone owns this lens! it will now be a new rental staple for me.