Thursday, February 04, 2010

i'm on tumblr!

visit me on tumblr!

for the time being i will be both text and multimedia blogging from my tumblr site instead of from this blog. please check there for updates and posts that you'd regularly see here.

i will post updates on this blog regarding the potential tumblr migration so do check back as i figure out more about the tumblr world and how i can and will be participating in it.

Monday, February 01, 2010

4 shoots and counting

i'm all prepped and ready for my shoot tomorrow and looking forward to it! we'll be working to avoid any major rain downpours but otherwise the afternoon should go smoothly.

i'm also very excited about my 3 upcoming shoots next week and one the week after that. i'm aware that these 4 shoots plus my shooting from the last 10 days will keep me in the deep photoshop weeds, but it will be so very worth it in the end. also to follow up, i launched my most recent shoot with vernon bush so please check it out.

lastly, the awesome editorial i shot in december should be running very soon. i'll post a note when it's out and the images will go live on my site as soon as it does. i can't wait to share!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

editing yesterday's shoot

my shoot yesterday with vocalist extrordinaire vernon bush was fantastic! i just made my first pass of editing and i have a lot of strong hero-shot candidates. i'm excited to do my next editing passes and get cracking on my retouching. i'll post a note when they go up on my site in the next couple of weeks.

the smugmug event was a hit

thanks everyone for coming out to my talk yesterday for the san francisco smugmug group. there was a big turnout and i got tons of positive feedback about my presentation. there were lots of insightful questions asked and i got to share a lot about my own career path as well as talk about photography business and marketing. if you missed it, don't forget that i do consultations for photographers in which i'll talk to you about anything you want! thanks to gustavo for inviting me out and to joey for running the night so smoothly. also thanks to doyle who took and tweeted the above photo.

Monday, January 25, 2010

shooting galore

i have a big week ahead: 4 personal shoots! yay! i'm shooting tomorrow and next monday-wednesday. each day is a different model and concept. i'm very excited to have lots of new work in my book before i go to nyc!

my first shoot with the new camera

last week i did my first real shoot with my new camera. it was yummy in more ways than one because not only did i get to relish my camera, i was shooting my assistant and chef, eric webster which left my kitchen smelling delish. the shoot was lovely and i think our images came out great. check back on eric's website soon to see the contact-page images we shot together.

video learning 101

in the last 24hrs i've come to seriously love so far i've been through this lesson for video basics and i have my sights set on this one to learn final cut express in the next couple of days. i already feel like i have a much better grasp on video than i did 3hrs ago!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

don't become a truck driver

"my primary objectives right now are to breath and survive. i’m at that point, 3 years in, when most sane people get out. it’s the true test, are you crazy enough to go forward when a brontosaurus-sized neon sign is flashing “ABORT NOW – BECOME A TRUCK DRIVER!” as photographer, keith carter, says, “you have to learn to embrace a life of uncertainty.” so i gotta breathe in. stay the course. surviving the photo industry is one part vision, one part business and all heart."

thanks to photo coleslaw for this amazing piece of wisdom. very well said.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

i'm speaking at the next sf smugmug event!

come listen to me talk about my work, my business plan and my marketing at the next san francisco smugmug event:

when: tuesday january 26, 6:30pm
where: sports basement 1590 bryant street... how to find us "meet me in the "grotto" on the 1st/bike floor"
rsvp here 

overview of my talk:
Photographer Lisa Wiseman will discuss how her career and her unique style of quiet portraiture has emerged over the last few years. She will talk about how to staying true to her vision while embracing creative marketing and solid business practices have played heavily into her success and will finish with an open question and answer session about marketing and business related issues.

Monday, January 11, 2010

"hi, my name is everest and i'm a learning curve"

with the wonderful addition of the 5DMKII to my life, i've just completed the circuit and have now installed apple's final cut express for video editing.  i know woefully little about motion so i'm officially entering a very steep video learning curve.

if you can please be a tad patient and give me a moment (ah-hem, a few weeks) to get myself very-very-quickly up to speed on how to shoot/edit/deliver video, i have a cool motion-based project planned which i hope to be on my way toward starting soon. updates to follow.