Friday, September 25, 2009

after four years...

it's big-news-day for me... drumroll please... we're engaged! it happened about 4 weeks ago in mexico in a very romantic way (josh gets major props for a proposal that will go down in collective lore). right now we get to spend some time luxuriating in the being-engaged phase and then it'll be on to the planning which will, in the beginning, be all about one big decision (you guessed it): who will be our photographer?! believe me, this choice will be borderline more important than the dress and i expect it to take some major effort to pick just the right person. i already have a few choice people in mind so stay tuned :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

my book "something like home" is available now as softcover!

for a limited time my monograph will be offered as a softcover at a discounted price. please check it out and get yourself a copy! and don't forget, i'll sign it for you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

color wars in la this weekend

i'm officially one of the 4 competitors in this weekend's live action arts' "color wars" event in la. i fly down there on saturday afternoon and the competition starts at about 7pm that evening. it's a 15,000sqft space and they bring in about 1500-2000 people. come join us and rsvp here!

so what happens is that the four of us competitors spin (in twister-esque fashion) to determine our color and then receive 100 frames of medium format polaroid. we then get 75min to shoot the 100 frames and create a collage based on our color. this is all done while being decked out in said color courtesy of american apparel. the two finalists then get another 100 frames and then compete shooting items that are both black and white and creating a second collage. a winner is then determined from the b/w collages.

i'm totally stoked for the competition and i'm gunning for the win! the best part is that i'm being given a ton of polaroid and given complete creative freedom in shooting it! a bonus is the till-3am party that follows the competition. can't wait!

busy bee

this has been a good month for me!

i've shot for one of my favorite clients in chicago and i'm shooting again for a favorite sf client this friday. i've also been working on a cool job with a producer friend and shooting personal work tomorrow. i'm also going to la this weekend to compete in a polaroid competition (see my next post) which i'm very excited about.

i love being busy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

the gensler opening rocked

the opening at gensler tonight was a hit. the wonderful art committee there gave me a huge bright red wall which is prime space in their building. if i do say so myself, my pieces looked fantastic. there are 5 large prints along the outer long wall and then the grid of my 9 polaroids on the inner wall. gensler's office is stunning and i'm in wonderful artistic company so i'm thrilled to be included in this show. stop by to see it when you can!

exhibit dates: now through dec 4, 2009
monday through friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm
other showcased artists: audrey jones, liz cockrum, mary celojko, mia nakano, julia fullerton-batton

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

photocorps video is live!

check out my video interview with photocorps! (click link to see it full size)

The PhotoCorps - Lisa Wiseman from ricky montalvo on Vimeo.

my photocorps video interview update

if you remember, a while back i wrote about my video interview with photocorps. it's finally going live this week! i've seen it and ricky montalvo did an amazing job. i look forward to sharing his wonderfulness with you.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

my upcoming show at gensler in sf

please join me at my upcoming show! i'm going to be up there with some amazing artists so i hope you can make it to the opening on thursday september 10 at 5:30pm. (click on the image to view the invitation larger)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

my shoot tonight

shooting in mountain view tonight for my chicago client. it's great having a standing relationship like this - we've worked together well in the past so booking additional shoots is quick and easy.