Sunday, January 17, 2010

don't become a truck driver

"my primary objectives right now are to breath and survive. i’m at that point, 3 years in, when most sane people get out. it’s the true test, are you crazy enough to go forward when a brontosaurus-sized neon sign is flashing “ABORT NOW – BECOME A TRUCK DRIVER!” as photographer, keith carter, says, “you have to learn to embrace a life of uncertainty.” so i gotta breathe in. stay the course. surviving the photo industry is one part vision, one part business and all heart."

thanks to photo coleslaw for this amazing piece of wisdom. very well said.


  1. Wow, I saw that sign a lot quicker. You're brave and passionate!

  2. Oh, my sign said, "Become a Paralegal, it's only 1 more year of school."